Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lit Cosmetics - Glitter Review

Ello lovelies!

I'll start by saying, my photos do not do these beauties nearly enough justice. I seem to fail miserably when it comes to photographing glitters, these pictures do not show off how utterly stunning they are, but i try my best. Hopefully I'll get the hang of my camera some time soon lol.

I went on a little bit of a glitter kick before Christmas... Before now, i didn't have any pure glitter in my collection (apart from some yucky Nyx cream ones) so i decided to remedy this. I really wanted a champagney glitter... and i wanted it bad. Something like China Glaze's I'm Not Lion, just for my face. So i went on the hunt on the interwebs and had a real search, everything i found was either too gold or too bronze for what i was looking for. I'd heard a lot about Lit on the blogosphere and after a suggestion decided to check them out, and low and behold they had the shade i was looking for, Champagne Wishes!
LIT Cosmetics stocks four sizes of glitter and being a bit of a glitter newbie i opted for size 2, their most popular size. These are priced at $13 each, but they currently have Siberian as their feature colour which you receive free when you buy two shades, and whilst checking out their Facebook page i noticed they were offering a free shade when you enter the code "Lit Chick" at the checkout. So it worked out $26 + shipping for four colours, i say that is pretty damn good! They also included a 4ml sample of their Clearly Liquid Glitter Base which i am absolutely loving! I'm using it sparingly so I'll do a full review when i eventually get around to purchasing a full size.

I'd always assumed glitter was tricky to work with or a lot of effort, how wrong was i? These are SO easy to apply. I generally do my eye makeup first, apply a little bit of their glitter base using a concealer, or small flat foundation brush then use a second flat brush to pat on the glitter, its that simple! You could also use these for eyeliner or even nail art! I've been using Champagne Wishes the most, i used that in my last FOTD but again, my pictures really didn't do the shades justice. And Rich and Famous I've been using to add some sparkle to a bronzey/gold smokey eye. Love!

Now I'm not even going to attempt to start describing the shades because i would fail, miserably. But what the pictures fail to pick up is the gorgeous iridescent sparkles in Champagne Wishes, in the light it looks absolutely stunning! I've yet to use Siberian or Hulk in a look, but I'll get a FOTD up soon!

All swatches are over a thin layer of Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy as I'm trying to ration my glitter base. Look at them sparkle!

Overall I'd say I'm pretty much head over heals for Lit and when they change their feature colour (and I'm off my nobuy), I'll be purchasing a few more neutral shades and their glitter base.
If you're a glitter fan, you really need to check these beauties out! You can get to the Lit Website here.

I also naughtily purchased some more gorgeous glitter from one of my favourite indies, so keep an eye out for that review soon!

Have you tried Lit Cosmetics Glitter? Whats your favourite shade?


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