Monday, January 21, 2013

Am a Shop-a-holic..... And i shop for Happiness!!

Whoever knows me well, they know that i shop rather beyond what i need. Mostly its fancy... sometimes its something i have been eyeing for quite a long time and sometimes its just a need which was a want in past!! Be what the name maybe, these days we find happiness in shopping. Life is busy, people have less time for each other and as an alternative we find happiness in materialistic things .... in my case 'shopping'. While i often try to break free from same, i find some solace in getting what i wanted for so long!!! The only thing that saves me and saved me till now is i don't buy on credit.... i might use a credit card but only if i have that amount in my bank to repay.. 
When Allison approached me to know if i would be interested in the graphic presentation she made about shopping and shopaholics, i was curious!! After looking at it, i really liked what she did.... so here's for you all too to have a look!!
I won't go on preaching on how to avoid and control shopping streak we all have, as i am seriously trying hard myself; i wanted to share with you all hoping some may find it helpful and some just like to pass along again to someone who must read!!

♥ Sangy

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