Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sally Hansen's - Unbreakable Heart

Perhaps I should have waited until next month to feature a polish of this colour and having this name.  However, it was simply too gorgeous not to share with you.

Seen here:  2 coats of Sally Hansen's "Unbreakable Heart."  This shade looked absolutely stunning on my nails. 

This product was easy to apply, wearability was fairly good (5 days), the brush was standard and allowed for a 3-stroke application.  
Of course, don't forget to begin each and every manicure with a good quality base coat to create the proper palette and adhesive base for the polish AND to prevent your nails from yellowing.  This is so important and very often forgotten.  Extremely pigmented lacquers, such as this one, will cause the ugly discolouration, i.e. yellowing, that nobody wants on their nails.  So, take a few minutes and do the protective, fundamental ground work before you decorate your nails.
Is red a shade you wear all year round or only during certain seasons?
Thanks for stopping by,  Lisa M.

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