Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Top 6 Korean Cosmetic Brands

Top 6 Korean Cosmetic Brands

The face shop is known for their face pack, and their product have just the amount of oil and not dry. These days they are putting work more on natural resources into the product.
I feel their down side is still their product ingrediments, they are working on it so let's wait a little.
2. Sulwhasoo 
Sulwhasoo is special with their indegreements. Sulwhasoo only use medicine herbs as their product basic indegreements, not only is it natural it is healthy for your skin and body. What I also like about Sulwhasoo is that thier product is really, really, soft and smooth. I believe this is good for the elderly or sensitive skin. Their best product are anti-wrinkle products, Sulwhasoo product maybe the best of all.
However sometime the herb smell may induce buys to evade, and their price is high.
자정미백에센스 2012
3. Hera
Hera is a more of expensive brand and loved for product that have high covering ability. All your wrinkless and mole is easily covered. If you have used their poundation you can see comparing other brand products Hera's uses less powder to lighten your skin tone.
4. The Skin Food
Skin Food Moto is "Do not apply, yeild to your skin" just like that their product indegriments is all vegetable and fruit. Their basic products like lotion, skin, BB cream, etc. works well with any type of skin.

Skin Food needs to work on making more of these products and strengthen their colors. I believe this brand products are good for who don't like heavy make up and just need slighest amount of color.

5. Etude
Etude is beloved by their various type of bright colors. Etude products are cheap and kinda low quality compared to other brands I've put up. However their color and cost is a strong point they are 5th popular product!

6. Innisfree
Innisfree has made constant products that made from various of types of natural indegrinants. Innisfree is an expert on basic line products and it's simple design makes a plus when we shop.

If I see the downside is that some of the colors seems a little weak with alittl more color I believe it will be beloved even more.
Hope you enjoyed Korean Brands!!!

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