Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[Korean Makeup Blog/ Tony Moly] Luminous Goddness Aura BB Cream, SPF 37 PA ++ & Aura Beam

Tony Moly brand's Luminous Goddness Aura BB Cream, SPF 37 PA ++ & Aura Beam

I'm proud to say. one of the best cosmetic product is BB cream in Korea. Many wrote in their review "I'm not a fan of BB cream until I tried this Korean Cosmetic BB cream"

Well, I like BB cream as well, make the makeup much, much easier.

Today I'm going to introduce you to a  BB cream Tony Moly brought out this spring. This BB cream has give a glow to your skin. Making your skin look like model skin. Time to apply and go for a photo shoot!

There is two product
BB cream & BB cream Aura Beam.

First BB cream Aura Beam

you can see the pearl!
This BB cream give your skin the healthy glow + moist protector layer + hides Corneous + Long lasting.
This BB cream has little pearl to it making the smooth skin sparkle!
You can't ignore the natural materials like walnut oil, Brazil nut seed oil, cucumber, etc. helps your skin be less harmed by all the chemical makeup you've put on.

If you see the pearl although you can see the soild square it's not big enough for anyone to see when you apply it on your skin. Just give a stronger reflects of light.

This product give like you've applied oil on your skin. Not a very refreshing feeling like most Korean cosmetics. However the oil texture makes it more absorbent and last longer.
This is what it's like on your skin!

BB cream
Moisty + Covers all your dark spots + calms your irritated skin + protects you from ultra rays in one product!
Really for a lazy cat like me this product is a must have. Also I hate having to apply this and that feels like you have a some kind of mask on.
Just like the Aura Beam it has all the natural oil to keep your skin protected from getting old from all the chemical.

Tony Moly BB cream is lighter in color than other products. This is advantage because it give your skin a light tone and also more healthy brighter.

You don't need a log of the cream to cover your face. Because even little drops can easily spread through large part of your skin.

Now All you need to do it mix these two up to give your skin the front page model skin!
This is what it looks like when applied

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