Wednesday, January 30, 2013

♥ Forest Essentials ~ Sunscreen Lotion ♥

Forest Essentials ~ Sunscreen Lotion

Its one of the samples i received in Vellvette Box sometime back. Am not particularly fond of Sunscreen Lotions as i hate the way the skin feels later. Little sticky, little greasy and sort of covered up with some lotion layer. And most important, in such a case i always ended up spoiling my expensive clothing which instantly showed absorption of that greasiness a bit which undoubtedly stained my clothes. Yes, i love Silks and Satins alot, and they and sunscreen lotions don't go hand in hand. But this one surprisingly stood out!

I really love the packaging, its very travel friendly (atleast the sample bottle). Its a plastic bottle with golden color plastic cap. So no worry of breaking it even if am clumsy like i always am and drop it on the floor often! Not sure if the Original size bottle can take my clumsiness so much though :)
Smells so good and the fragrance lingers on skin for quite a good time(almost half the day... am like what???), which i love the most!! And the next best thing i really really loved is, its a very light formula. No greasiness or stickiness, doesn't feel layered up on skin and when applied absorbs quite quickly into skin. 
Skin feels well moisturized even without using a moisturizer underneath which is a plus here! Its got Aloe Vera and Sandalwood, both very very good for skin for maintaining the moisture levels and protecting skin from harmful rays of Sun. So overall a perfect Sunscreen Lotion that suits my taste and needs.... 

This one surely won my heart and am so looking forward for the other products to try from this brand. And undoubtedly am going to purchase this product soon as i see i need this one so badly as the summer is soon approaching India.

So what have you been loving lately?? Have you tried Forest Essentials Sunscreen Lotion yet??? Take my word and just try, like me you'll love it too..........

♥ Sangy

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