Saturday, January 26, 2013

Makeup blog, Sheza Ultra Tightener Face

Sheza Ultra Tightener Face

This product is an interesting essence, it's call ultra tightener face, this product is famous for it recover, the skin really do become more tighter and young.

This product have used a new scientific way of combining materials that effect our skin. Well, to explain it simple as possible it's called TT system that successfully combined so many chemicals that have failed to do it in other products.

Well it mean it works better on your skin.

If you open the lid you'll see the essence shape is different than any other types, plus it is easy to use. Just roll it on the place you want to apply

This product is really cool because the liquid you applied slowly turn solid like glue, This thin layer of the liquid give the skin tightening feeling. wait for 3~5 min. Now rub it off with warm water. And you are done.

WARNING: when you are waiting for it to turn solid don't make a wrinkling face you'll make more wrinkles, keep you face calm without expression, it's time to test your acting skills.

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