Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How can I purchase TIPS Nail Conditioner?

The question arises time and time again about how people can purchase TIPS Nail Conditioner or any of the other nail, skin and hair care products by ASK Cosmetics Inc. 
At present ASK Cosmetics offers the following items:
Nail Care products: 
TIPS Nail Conditioner, Contour Nail File, TIPS for Toes
Skin Care products:

Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser, Revival Skin Conditioning Milk
Hair Care products:

Revival Daily-Use Shampoo, Revival Hair Conditioner
Nailwear products:
Revival Nail Polish Remover, a variety of high quality nail lacquers, all of which are Big 3 free, camphor free, vegan friendly
Complete details, including prices and kit configurations, can be found on the
ASK Cosmetics website - click here.
Current Deal:
TIPS Nail Conditioner + Contour Nail File = $15.99 + free shipping & handling internationally

If you have ever considered trying out the flagship product called TIPS Nail Conditioner by ASK Cosmetics to get rid of:  peeling, splitting, cracking, breaking, chipping, weak nails and those ugly hangnails, now is the time.  This deal is only valid while supplies last.  You must also use the promo code:  "Stocking Stuffer TIPS Kit in order to receive this amazing offer.

Please note that ASK Cosmetics' products cannot be purchased in any retail stores. 
All ASK Cosmetics products can be obtained directly on their online shop/website, by phone toll-free 1-877-275-5566 or through the shopping networks:  The Shopping Channel in Canada and QVC in the USA.  Caution - not all items are offered in the USA (i.e. hair care items) and prices vary slightly.  The above-mentioned deal is ONLY offered through the ASK Cosmetics online shop!!
More swatches, tutorials, testimonials from participants in the ASK Cosmetics Challenges, helpful consumer information on skin as well as hair care and my favourite topic:  nail care are coming your way in 2013.
Hope everyone finished off 2012 with a bang.  Thanks for stopping by,  Lisa M.



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