Thursday, January 24, 2013

Too Faced - Sweet Indulgences Palette

Ello lovelies!
I was in two minds whether to post this little review or not. I'd already photographed and written the post when i noticed that it was no longer available online, but i've since been informed it is available in some larger Boots stores in the UK, so if it takes your fancy, Boots is your best shot!

Plus its just too pretty not to blog about...

This little gem is quite possibly my favourite Christmas present ever, which is a bit cheeky since technically, i chose it, but oh well! I've never had the pleasure of trying any Too Faced products before, I've always had my eye on some of their little kits but found the cardboard packaging a bit of a turn off. Although this isn't exactly the most practical of packing, it sure is pretty.

The Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Palette includes 16 eyeshadows, a full sized Shadow Insurance (which retails for around £16 on its own), two bronzers; their famous Sun Bunny Light and an exclusive shade, two blushes, their also very famous Candlelight Glow Highlight and a pretty useless double ended brush. Phew, that was a mouthful! Basically, its got a whole host of goodies inside!
My last FOTD was using pretty much entirely this palette and I've got to say I'm really enjoying it! The eyeshadows are decently pigmented and blend like a dream. I would of preferred a few more mattes in there, Teddy Bear and In The Buff are the only full mattes included, but considering the rest of the palette is mostly shimmer having a nice matte transition colour and highlight is pretty damn handy! Black Sugar also appears to be mostly matte with quite a bit of glitter but that generally blends away, which i kinda like. I really love the variety of colours in here you can create nearly an endless amount of looks with this, from daytime to night time smokey eyes to more colourful looks using the pink or GORGEOUS greens.

I'm not too fond of shimmer bronzers so i haven't really given these a bash yet, but i will try too soon. The blushes have really decent pigmentation and including both a pink and a peach makes the palette even more handy! It is really easy to create nearly an entire look with it. I haven't quite made my mind up on Candlelight Glow yet, its pretty glitter heavy, which with pores the size of potholes doesn't really work too well. But I'll keep experimenting as I'm a sucker for a good highlight!

And for the famous Shadow Insurance, well... I've not gotten on with it too well so far. I've used this palette with my trusty MUA primer and had no creasing issues but using the Too Faced primer it creased horrifically within a few hours, which shocked me. But, that could be due to over application, so considering how hyped it is, I'm willing to give it another try. The brush on the other hand, ugh. Its a sponge applicator on one end (WHY OH WHY?) and an unimpressive brush on the other end. But considering its the only thing I've had to moan about, overall this palette is doing pretty damn well....


L - R: In The Buff, Peach Fuzz, Marshmallow, Lovey Dovey, Copper Peony, Teddy Bear, Gum Drop, Malted Milk Ball.
L - R: Satin Sheets, Nice Stems!, Nice Ash, Cherry Cola, Honeymoon, Pastille, Cop a Teal, Black Sugar.

L - R: Sunny Bunny Light, Exclusive Bronzer, La Vie En Rose, Papa Don't Peach, Candlelight Glow.

Overall, i really bloody love this palette. Priced at £42 it is a smidge on the pricey side but if you consider what you are getting, including a full size Shadow Insurance, its a steal. I believe i used my ASOS student discount when my boyfriend purchased this, taking around 20% off. The packaging is so bloody cute, not very practical, but adorable nonetheless. 

So if you're a Too Faced fan or intrigued by the brand, have a little nosey at their stand when your next in Boots (don't forget your points card!). They might just still have this bad boy in stock!

Have you tried any Too Faced products?
Let me know your favourites!


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