Saturday, January 26, 2013

Caolion Mool Pool Skin & Lotion & Cleanser

Caolion brand have brought out a product not one we but our skin will love. Mool Pool package is product that take out all the alcohol  dye, parabens and other 10~15 chemicals that harm our skin. Also this product is good for sensitive skin who few days of full makeup cause acne because there is no Commodore Hygienic to cause it.

This makeup product have carefully selected water. You might just ignore it, but its the water that mixes all the product's material and what your skin absorb.

This product uses Purified Water and uses fruits like Plums Wed to clean your skin.

First, I'll show you the cleanser, this cleanser is certified in steeping into your moles and clean out all the dirt off your skin and also protects it. see how well makeup erased? However lipstick and eyeliner needs extra rubbing or what I would suggest is use point makeup remover.

The skin product is really good at fast absorbing and you won't feel the stickiness at all.

Same goes for lotion.

Overall I like this product for the makeup base.

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