Friday, January 25, 2013

Where to Visit in KOREA Myeongdong Part 1

Well, when visiting Korea you wouldn't want to just shop, it's time to eat and go sightseeing.
So, I'll be introduce you places around soul and places around.

To new comers you must understand this tourism business is new in Korea, however suddenly with growing interest in K pop so many tourist comes to visit. If you are not a great planner (Like I am) you should find a tourist who is, because finding a place to stay and finding places to visit may not be easy as you think. We should just hope Korea will invest more in tourism so it would be easier to visit.

Today I'll be introducing Myeongdong, not only it is a place to shop cosmetics its a place with food and the first Catholic church the Myeongdong Chapel.

Well, getting there for tourist using the subway will be best if you are short in budget. Believe me taxi can be costly.

So this part of the writing I'll be helping you how to use the subway.

Well to find a sub way find something like this:
See this sign? top is yellow and there is the round color(it's bright blue in this picture) of the rail number and the white letters are the subway name in Korean.

Well if you see one of this, YAY! you found the subway. go down stairs and you'll see a maze, some place there is a big mall inside the subway making it even more harder to find the place to get on the subway.

When you get down there find this machine!

This machine has english. click on english than clikc on the Left side orange button than find Myeongdong. Give the machine your money (the machine will greedy suck your cash) than a ticket will come out. you'll need it and after you arive at your station you can return it and receve back 500won.

Well, time to get on the subway.

Remember go through green doors and put the card on the sensors on the right. The sensors shape can be different between station but remember your card goes on the right.

You come out the same way.
Now you are at Myeong Dong.

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