Thursday, January 17, 2013

Innisfree Brand Mineral Sparkle Foundation Ver.2 Review

Innisfree Brand Mineral Sparkle Foundation Ver.2
This product has a lot of Moist! so even though it's solid foundation it is easily pushed around and spreads well through your skin. But when using this product I feel instead of pasting it on, tapping will work better.
Note: if you press too hard it sinks in!
Also it has bit of a sparkle that mistaking you thinking your skin was naturally pretty.
Lastly it is made out of Natural Mineral and Tea Wed.
This ver. 2 product has sparkle type and just normal type
the sparkle type is weaker on the covering ability but it still can cover up mole. The normal type is less sparkly but more stronger on coverage.
I like the spark on this product because it gives my skin slight glow making it look refreshed and good skin.

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