Tuesday, January 29, 2013

♥ Clarus Wet Wipes in Lime ♥

Clarus Wet Wipes in Lime
These wipes are my favorite of the wet wipes i have used till now. These come in a pack of 10 wipes (occasionally i found packs with more number of wipes too) and are extremely moist and wet. Smell heavenly in citrusy lime, these are easy to carry around too. For someone with sensitive skin and nose too like me i found these so very pleasant not to forget they do a pretty good job at removing the makeup!! Though for makeup removal, i particularly pick Himalaya Wet Wipes; Clarus wipes are good too.
My liking towards these wipes must be due to the citrusy smell they have. Citrusy fragrances and Lime remind me of Summers and right know when the weather is chilly, i can use a bit of that feeling to warm me up :)
Can find these in any local Supermarkets, esp Ratnadeep Supermarket. I need to have 1 pack in my handbag always. These wipes instantly soothe and calm my skin which often gets red when am out in Sun. Priced at  27 INR for 10 wipes, i find them a good deal for money. 
These are refreshingly cool with a lingering fragrance. And have a gentle moisturizing effect with mild anti-bacterial action. Do i need more to say why i love these??? 

What's your favorite Wet Wipes? Have you tried Clarus Wet Wipes in Lime ??

♥ Sangy

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