Saturday, January 19, 2013

Innisfree Green Barley Clear Scrub

Innisfree Green Barley Clear Scrub

Price / Amount : 12,000won / 100g
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Moles! Moles! Moles! Black head! White head! Corneous!
They are one of the most ugliest problems on the skin. So I believe you must have used some kind of scrub, but I always had skin problems because of the large lumps made my skin sensitive and later on cause trouble. 

So this time I've carefully chosen a scrub and will solve all the problems.

This product made by Innisfree is clear scrub used as cleaner and also scrub so the soild smalll lumps does not make my skin go red but still does all the cleaning inside our moles.
This product has a bit of a texture of a cleansing balm.
Before using this product you can clean with soap first before use but you can also just apply it before wash works as well too.

This product is made of Barley so I thought there would be cereals smell but there was more of cereal-like-lemon smell.
I liked it because it give a refreshing smell.

This product has enough bubbles when applied.
This product can be used instead of your cleansing and plus you get your mole problem solved.

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