Thursday, January 31, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blog / Tony Moly] Tony Moly's Kiss Lover Lip Stick

The first sign of illness is the dry cracking lips, you'll become a ghost if you do all your makeup except your lips. Just like that your lips is the flower of your makeup style.

Tony Moly defiantly knows that and brought out enormous amount of lipstick color fit for all style and skin color.
From the left to right (PK01 Candy Pink, PK02 Romantic Pink, PK03 Fiona Pink, PK04 Milk Pink, PK05 Mood Pink, RO01  Lovely Orange, RO02 Spring Orange, BE02 Elegant Brown  ,BE03 Coco Basic, PC01 Milk Peach ,RD01 Shin Purple, RD02 Real Red, RD03 Apple Red
This is the few of the 28 colors of the collection.
I got this from their website

You can see all the colors they have, also they say their lipstick has a high shine effect, giving your lips enough moisture to keep it wet and smooth. 
Well if you check their product's ingredients you can see they used plant oils that melts well on your lip temperature. This oil also give the product a smooth feeling. Of course keep your lips moist as well.

This product no matter how much you apply does not have much difference, proving strong pigment. I think this is why you can keep this on for a long time.
This is PK08 Honey Pink color

You won't need pearl to keep it bold and sparkly, the moist and the oil itself makes your lips stand out.

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