Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yada yada!

A really old picture of me that I found in the trashbin LOL.
Haven't really update you about my life recently, and yeah, I feel a little guilty.

I've been very busy lately haha. I have been doing pretty well in school (at least for tests) although I didn't touch any notes at all, but I guess it's all because of LUCK. Hopefully this sustains so I will graduate!

Recently, my mood haven't been really up and good because of certain things. Not sure how to describe it but...have you ever felt like you're the least important person in the world, and even if you aren't around, no one will notice it? It's hard not to think about it when everyone's doing the same thing to you.
It's rather disappointing to know although everyone seems to be by your side, you will still be the only one fighting the war. 
Expectation leads to disappointment. Maybe I've been expecting too much. Or maybe I'm just not good enough. 
Sometimes, it annoys me that I can't stay mad at people for long. By long I mean within 5 minutes I'll stop being angry with a person although I am still infuriated. I probably like to divert all the anger back at myself.

I hate it when people compare me with someone else. It makes me feel like I can easily be replaced and forgotten. I hate it when people make it seem like I'm less important compared to someone else, and I hate it when everyone's making me feel like without me, everything will be the same as it can be. 

Anyway, Speishop will be coming up with new clothes soon but I can't find time to go for shoots yet! I've stocked up some apparels that are running low in stock so you can all get the pretty clothes. :) www.speishop.com

Some pictures from ASC!
ASC was pretty long ago but I didn't post any pictures that I took that day so here are some!

The host! She has that AURA damn it.

2NE1 and SNSD

And then my camera broke PFT! I sent it for repair and have been using my spare camera (which is the exact same camera that I usually use *Olympus Pen Mini*)!
I will be getting it back again soon! I miss it so much! :D


THE WHITE CAROUSEL sent me some really pretty clothes from their lovely webstore the other day. :)
I'm wearing HOPE CHECKMATE TOP in Sky Blue. Loving the vintage flair in it and it's available in Black / Mint.
They have plenty of clothes in store for you, so do remember to check them out. :D

Thanks for reading xoxo. 

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