Thursday, July 25, 2013

Featured Review: Talking Duke Dog Free App

I am excited to be able to do an application review for you today! I have been using my Samsung Note 2 for the past few months and have been really loving the andriod interface. Well, if you are wondering, I used to be an iPhone user until the Note 2 came about!

OKAY! So just some disclaimer before I get the ball rolling...


Products are tried and tested personally
All reviews are my 100% honest opinions


When I was young, I have always wanted to have a puppy.. However my parents disliked the idea of having a pet since I was too young to even take care of myself (I am sure, many of you might face the same issue...). So I have always played with my dog plush toy which is lifeless and immobile. 

With the advance of technology, which I am always very thankful for, we can now adopt a pet puppy without having to pay a single cent! FREE! Totally! Now now now, if you think this dog is going to be just a beautiful high resolution image on your mobile phone or tablet devices, you are totally wrong. 

Duke, the puppy, can even do things that REAL dogs can't.. 

Here are just a couple of fun tricks that Duke does, do go and find out about the rest on your own! 
 Sing and talk
✔ Dance
✔ Hop and do somersaults
✔ And many many more! 

Who Should Get This?
Parents, Grandparents, Children, Teachers...

Why Should You Get It?
Firstly, it is FREE. Totally free, except for the ads that they display at the bottom of the screen. Also, this can be something to tickle the senses of children. Especially when learning something new, having them to recite it aloud to Duke, and have Duke repeat after them in a cute and chipmunk-ish voice is going to make them chuckle as they learn~

Where To Get?

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