Sunday, July 14, 2013

[Korea Tour] Good Place to Relax and Spend Time Out in the Open / Seon Yu Do Island and Han Gang River

I love Nature as much as I love "Natural Makeup" ;)
I want to introduce good makeup products
but I also wanted to introduce you to Korea.

I was absent for a week (without notice)
I apologize for that :(
It was a sudden travel to the near by beach
I'll post up those places next week
For today I wanted to introduce you to a place I love to give my head a rest

I hope the pictures of nature can somehow give the same sensation I have experienced 

Start by getting to the Hap Jeong Station
When you get there get out of gate 10
you'll see a bus station in the middle of the road
Get on a blue bus 603
get off at the next station and you are there!

This is the gate to Seonyudo park!
There's a green house to those who like tropical plants. 
It's the summer so I decided I didn't want to go
I'm was sure it would be too hot!

I started walking by a road with trees

I saw a bit of a pond that children can play under the HOT sun

As I pass by the water I found a Korean Traditional Built place where I could sit
and watch the Han Gang River View

When I go here I always feel peaceful and calm
All my worries and stress floated away

As I pass by the bamboo road there were beautiful flowers
I suggest visiting here in the spring I'm sure it would be even more beautiful

There was a lot of pond here.
Enjoy the quietness and stillness

I searched for a four leaf clover but failed
So I decided to pick a three leaf clover and add one leaf!
Luck is something you make!

Perfect place for a date!
So Lucky :(

The sun was setting and I was getting hungry
I decided to leave the Seon Yu Do Island Park and head for the Han Gang River Park

I love the view ;)

A lot of families was camping out here
You can't built fire here but you can camp out here and rest

You can see the Korean Parliament Building from here
Can you see the green round roof? 

I rest on the grass watching the river flow by
Enjoying the cool wind as I
Eat my chicken! XD
It was delicious!

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