Monday, July 15, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Natural Republic Aran Essential Deep Care Hair Pack

When we talk about beauty we often talk about how your face looks what you are wearing etc. Many forget that all of these is important as well as your hair!

Hair can really change how you look. With a change of hair style you can look 10 years younger or older. If you have hair that is weak you might notice how fuzzy it looks how there are hair sticking out here and there. If your hair is dry and bushy you also hate how rough it looks.

Beautiful hair is smooth and moist. Soft looking and wavy (or it could be naturally straight) with beautiful light reflex  

I found a BEST HAIR PACK selected by blind testing among Korean Stars
Natural Republic Aran Essential Deep Care Hair Pack will keep your hair moist and luxurious.

Price / Amount : 10,000won / 200ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

This cream is very popular right now in Korea

Every time you dye your hair or do curls it damage your hair significantly
weak hair might break or rip and divide
Thick hair can go dry or rough

Than you seriously need something to help your hair to recover
This cream is made of Argan Oil(natural ingredient) and other flowers
This cream have not use alcohol, Artificial coloring, Mineral oil, Any thing made from Animal, and Surfactants

I love the smell!
It's not those sweet type of smell but like lemon, a sour-sweet type of smell
If you don't like the scent don't worry
You'll wipe it off anyway~

The cream was whitish-transparent as you can see in the pictures

I didn't do a Before / After picture :(
Through pictures it's hard to see the difference although I can see the difference with my eyes and I could feel it too :)
The difference is real BIG!
I think I'm going to buy few box of these (there's a offline store doing 40% sale!)
I decided to use this every week for my beautiful hair


After you wash your hair dry off all the water off
apply the cream around the middle~end of your hair
You don't want this cream around the root of your hair!

After 5~10 minutes I feel the longer you do it more beautiful your hair becomes
I do it like 15 minutes Than wash the cream off!

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