Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Month in Instagram

Ello Lovelies!

Bit of a different post for me today! I think i may have only done these once or twice in the past, but as I've been a little less bloggy and a little more Intagrammy over the past month i thought I'd share with you some of my favourite things. I'm thinking of keeping these posts as a monthly thing, whatcha think? I rarely post about personal / lifestyle stuff so i thought this would give you lovely lot a little more insight to me and what i love other than beauty!
But don't you worry, normal beauty blogging will commence again shortly.

L- R

 1. Sugar Skull eBay purchase
2. Disney Shop Bargains
3. My favourite mani of the month: Barry M Mint Green & OPI Sparke De Triomphe
4. Cry Baby Tee present
5. My baby woof Star.
6. Oreos on fruit, AMAZING.
7. Mango and Coconut Bodyshop purchases.
8. I can't type when i am drunk...
9. Woof being a vulture

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