Friday, July 19, 2013

Look of the Day - Something Wild

Ni hao. This means hello in Mandarin. 

Just a simple look of the day with a bold eyeliner. I only have been out of home with this eyeliner for a few hours, it is just not me to put on such thick eyeliner ._.

And the irony is that I did not apply a full foundation, yet I have such bold eyeliner. Haha~

The poll results on my right hand side can be quite shocking, some people have requested for Outfit of the Day~ Gosh you probably don't know what I wear on a daily basis, I go for comfort as opposed to style. Of course, there would be days that I would dress up~ for the occasion. Anyhow, let me see if I could do 1 soon ...

BYE!! :P

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