Friday, July 5, 2013

If Barbie Looked Like a Real Woman

Ever wondered how Barbie would look like if she was a real woman? Barbie is known for her disproportioned body. See her proportions as compared to a normal woman...

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Who wouldn't want that waist of hers, so slender and beautiful. But honestly, that is impossible.. If you really wanted to look like Barbie, you probably need some plastic surgery to get her "perfect" body, just Valeria Luyanova

Image Source: The Sun
And you guessed it, there is also a human Ken by the name of Justine Jedlica. Both human Ken and Barbie were gathered to take a photo shoot in New York - but they immediately fell out and scrutinised each other.

So... Barbie had only one major plastic surgery while Ken did more than 90 operations to get his look which amounts to about £70,000. 

Now you must be interested to see how they look like
Image Source: The Sun
It can be quite alarming how they look so doll like. Look at those pouty lips of Valeria.. Anyway, back to the original topic of Barbie looking more Human Like. There are comments that Barbie would look ugly or weird, well, you decide for yourself.

Nickolay Lamm from has created a New Barbie, that is modeled after an average proportion of a 19 year old girl. She looks shorter, a little chubbier and her eyes aren't as huge. 

Image Source: Fashion N Style

New Barbie looks closer to a normal average girl. I mean, how can we balance with those tiny feet of Barbie's if we have such a heavy top right...

Anyway, for more images, you may visit - What if Barbie Looked Like a Real Woman? for the original post by Nickolay.

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