Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: Not really

When the sun rays beat down on you hard, when the weather is scorching hot, when you feel thirsty even after drinking gallons of water...

I think it is time to have ICE CREAM!

In Singapore, we have mobile ice cream vendors, selling ice cream from chocolate, mango, to even durian~ Durian is what a lot of Singaporeans love to eat, however it is an acquired taste, not everyone knows how to enjoy this.

Anyway, these ice cream usually costs from $1, and I got mine along the streets of Orchard Road. Simply look out for a huge umbrella amidst the walking crowds!

I love my ice cream with bread! I got peppermint, it is so refreshing with the occasion bites of chocolate chips! My favourite of all time~

And here's what my friend got, mango flavoured ice cream, that is quite sour haha. The best mango ice cream from mobile ice cream vendors are from the Punggol Waterway vendor, next to the horse shed (B&B). 

Speaking of bread, here's milo french toast from ToastBox. Probably not worth every single cent, but I got this for free - say what~ I feel sinful and guilty to gobble this down, as it is so sweet and unhealthy. Well, if you love toasts, try the one with Kaya, it is the best~!

Alright, that's it for today's random food sharing. I will speak to you guys real soon!

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