Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review: Princess Pinki Magic Pink Cream

I have owned this product for a reaaaally long time, and this review was in fact done awhile ago. I forgot about it, until recently when I chanced upon it hee.

What Is This
Princess Pinki Magic Pink Cream
15 ml
Retails $48.90 at Local Watsons Stores

What it Does
To provide a natural flush look to your cheeks, lips and nipples in a few minutes. The gel textured cream will oxidise based on your body temperature, into a fushia pink. I have only managed to try it on my lip and cheeks *blush*.

All you need is this amount for your cheeks and lips. If you want a brighter pink, you can choose to apply more. However I found that if I apply too much, my lips would look very clownish haha. 

With the amount above, I was able to create a very natural flush. Which the camera fails to capture it, however in actual it is a very light pink - as if you are naturally blushing. 


For my lips, I used even lesser, because of the fear of having tooo bright pink lips. You can scroll down to see the bright pink lips which you would have if you applied a generous amount all over your lip. 

For a  heavy swatch that is more than 30 minutes, you will see the entire lips turning to a bright fushia pink! Here's how my lip looks after 30 minutes. Looks very moisturised, and the product does not make the cracks on my lips even more obvious - it's beautiful!

Here's how the lips appeared on Asia Facekitt's. You may also check out her full review of this product by clicking on the image <3
Image Source: Asia Facekitt 
After a long day of eating, wiping of my lips and drinking water... here's my lip! A little hint of pink is still left on my lips, although the lip no longer feels moisturised, and reapplication of lip balm is required.

I prefer natural flushing cheeks, or a light blush, for all occasions. Therefore I did use very little amount to create this effect below here:
Simply squeeze a small amount on to your fingers, rub it slightly and apply it to the areas that you would naturally flush at. Be sure to blend it out as well. 

If you find the flush too insignificant, go back and reapply once more. Do not start off with a heavy hand because this is a tint, it is difficult to remove if you have too much on~

Overall: 4/5

Texture: gel like texture, easy to blend
Moisturisation Level: I am surprised at how it works like a lip balm, it is very moisturising, and does not reveal the cracks on my lips as well
Pigmentation: beautiful flush, decent pigmentation & easy to control with the amount you apply
Lasting Power: very long lasting compared to any other tints I have used, even after the use of tissue paper to wipe my lips, I still have some colour left
Scent/Taste: no smell or have any taste (yes I licked my lips to try haa)
Price: pretty pricey for such a small tube, but a little goes a long way

I did not get any irritation or extra pimples from using this on my cheeks. However do a test patch if you are unsure ^^ But for those who find the price a little hefty, I would opt for lip balms with a tint for the lip and buy a light pink blush to create the flushed look - these options may not be that long lasting, however they are worth half the amount.

Have you tried it on your er, nipples? Let me know if they work haha ^^

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