Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] New Cosmetic Brand! 9Wishes Vanishing Balm Best Makeup Base EVER!

9Wishes is a newly made brand I'm really sure this will be a hit once it started spreading their products overseas.

I'll show you why I love this brand so much! I'm sure you guys all will want it SOOO BAD! XD You all know I only introduce you products you will ONLY love ;)

Today's Product is 
9Wishes Vanishing Balm

Name : Vanishing Balm
Price / Amount : 39,000won / 50ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

You guys might be wandering...
Vanishing Balm?
Makeup is becoming more detailed than EVER
Good news to makeup lover Band news to people who is just learning how to do makeup!

In Korea 2013 the TREND was CC cream
But I believe the next Trend could be the Vanishing Balm!
Vanishing Balm is very different than BB cream and CC cream

BB cream and CC cream is used to do makeup that looks like you didn't do any makeup
Well...technically this doesn't make sense 
Because BB cream and CC cream all have their own "COLOR"

However Vanishing Balm does not have "COLOR" 
thus this product will give you the REAL "Natural Makeup"

I have a very sensitive skin
Those who have been following me will probably know that very well by now :P
This product is perfect for anyone with REAL sensitive skin

Ingredient and Reaction is really important
These are the ingredient
I'm love how they add stuff that help your skin recover and heal
It also has :
Whitening effect, Light Refect effect, Calming effect, Moisturizing effect, Blood Circulation Effect, Skin Recover Effect, Anti Aging Effect, and various ingredient that recover your skin to a healthy and flawless skin

Also I love how they took out all the artificial stuff and Even better 9 of them!
I believe that's the highest number I've seen :)
Safer the Better

This is the test result for Reaction
They tried this product people with wide rang of age
Youngest was 20 years old the oldest was 40 years old
None show any signs of irritation or allergic reaction
This is the proof for Safety :)
The amount was 50 ml 

I'm not sure if you see the text behind the tube,
Nothing really important 
I'll tell how to use this stuff later

I love how it is a pumping type 
Blocks the air so it is easy to control the amount of cream

If you have used whitening cream before you'll remember how rough the cream was
Whitening cream has white powder so it could get matty
However Vanishing Balm had so much moist for a whitening cream!
The Cream was so easy to spread! The moment I apply the cream I could feel it moisturizing my skin.

This product is beautifully made
The only flaw is that it has very little coverage
So if you you need coverage use BB cream
If you want something with average coverage and has skin care effect use CC cream
If you want bit more natural and sparkle and something very safe for your skin
use 9Wishes Vanishing Balm

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