Thursday, July 4, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Most popular Question : Summer Budge proof Makeup Tutorial! YEAH! Stop yoru eye makeup from Falling and Ceasing

Many have asked me to do this, or just asked me for help!
So finally here it is!

Most popular Question : Summer Budge proof Makeup Tutorial! YEAH!

YEAH! I'm so excited
May bloggers have done this but I wanted to do a post for my own ;)

Now... to the basics!
What you need to keep those fall outs away :
Eye Primer
- Increase Pigment
- Increase adherence
- Decrease creasing
*If you don't have a Eye Primer and not planning to get one
Use Powder instead*

If you do a makeup Just USEING the Eye Primer :
- It would just increase the pigment
- Keep the eye shadows from falling or spreading
-Remember to do the makeup light and wait for the makeup
to be absorbed well into the skin

Mascara Filler
Same concept as eye primer
eye shadows could be the problem 
But mascara could make it worse!

- Keep the mascara from spreading!!!!

**Make sure your mascara is Water proof!! better if oil proof**

Clear Mascara
-After you apply Mascara apply another layer of a Clear colored Mascara
This will make a layer over the black mascara keeping it from spreading

Finnish Powder
- Keep those oil away from your eye makeup
The oil around your eyes is the NUMBER ONE reason
why your eye makeup is spreading all over the place!
**It's good to use the Finnish Powder when you fix your makeup**

So...How to use them?
Let's start with the Eye Primer

After using BB Cream and before you do the powder
Apply it around the edge of the eye.
I like to use Etude House Eye Primer
*If might feel a little stiff and harsh that's why I apply powder right after*
Remember to do it real well
Around the top around, bottom, and all the edges!
*If your problem is the eye shadow this will fix a lot!*
Than use a foundation powder over the eye REAL well
This will keep those oils away!
*Any type will do, as long as the particles are small*

This a special way I do when I do a thick makeup ;)
I use Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder 
**This will help keep your eye makeup for like about 7 hour**
This will help control the oil and keep your makeup from spreading
*REAL IMPORTANT to really apply this powder well
I know some people apply eye makeup right after they put on powder
Or they don't put on this powder well around the edge 
and they complain the makeup spread.
I advice you to apply this powder around the the eye 
THAN apply the base eye shadow color
I know some don't apply basic eye makeup color
"Because eye shadow is too much" or "I'm doing a thick colored pigment it won't show anyways"
But applying a skin toned base eye shadow + No Sebum Powder
REALLY changes everything

If everything else seems too much makeup or too much step
Than just remember After BB cream or After JUST foundation powder
Apply No Sebum powder + Eye shadow

AFTER you do all the step or just the Mineral Powder
You can apply your eye shadow makeup!

Finishing off with finish powder
I like to use Mac because I haven't found one I like from Korea
(since my blog is all about Korean Cosmetic I'll skip the introduction)

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