Sunday, July 7, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger]Haute Skin's White Clay Pore Purifying Masque, For all your Pore Troubles in the Summer be gone!

Today's product is 
Haute Skin's White Clay Pore Purifying Masque
Price / Amount : 40,000 with shipping with TRACKING NUMBER / 110g 
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

In the summer it is easier to get pore problems
Summer = Red heads, Black heads, White head

This product is famous for being used by many of the Korean Celebrities
I like how much cream is contained!
I think I will be using this for a long time! 

There is a slim plastic that could cover the lid keeping it CLEAN
It's important to keep all your cream product clean as possible
you don't want dust on your skin
Those are one of the reason why you are getting pore problems!

I really love the fact that the cream is 98% NATURAL INGREDIENT!!!
We all love something natural and safe for your skin
Haute Skin's White Clay Pore Purifying Masque is more of a cure for your skin
than just pore scrubbing, irritating chemical product

If you have sensitive skin this product can help your skin sensitivity
If use regularly some may find their skin less sensitive than before.
I felt my skin can bare more makeup after using this cream
But I'm not sure if every single one of you will find that effect

When using this pact you can find these effect :
-Pore size reduced

After you apply the soft cream
you wait for 10 minutes and wash it off

You can see the picture on my hand
where I applied and where I didn't!
See the difference in the color? XD
It cleans out oil so oily skin should use this to control their oil

Remember to apply it thick enough around your skin
I can feel my face is cooling when I applied this cream
Perfect for skin that has been heated up from the hot summer sun!

See the BIG difference in the Before/After Picture?
Whitening, of course
but you can see how clean it looks?
Pores all squeezed into smaller holes
and that Special Natural Sparkling on the skin!

REMEMBER : Clean off the white stuff real well.
if you leave off some cream it will make your skin worse!
Don't worry no matter how much you wash your face the Whitening effect remains
That's what I really love about this product!

I can really see how well my pores been taken care of
Whitening effect was GREAT!
It lasted long enough for the next day makeup!
and I also feel my skin elastic has strength for the time being
Not as long as the whitening effect
But I feel if has do it twice a week the effect will lengthen!
and maybe be permanent!

When I used this I was real tired
I had blood shot around my eyes
After use I feel a lot of my tiredness gone
some of the blood shots around the eyes reduced or lessen in color!
This is a MUST HAVE ITEM for this SUMMER!!!

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