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Featured Review: Hip Hop 50's Shop

Indeed, a fashion blog post has arrived in my humble blog! I would not consider myself as a fashionista, or someone with great fashion sense... Because I would totally prefer comfort over anything! So here I am going to share with you the Hip Hop 50's Shop which sells a variety of clothing which are vintage~ classic~ and beautiful!

I was invited by Isabelle to do a review for the Vintage Dresses, and I am not compensated for positive reviews or comments - as always, honest comments from the bottom of my heart in Singapore <3~


 I did not try the product personally, or even have a look of the product upclose
❤ All reviews are my 100% honest opinions
 I am not compensated for positive comments or reviews


If you are OK with the above, let's get the review right away!

Hip Hop 50's Shop
They are an online clothing shop, which love making 50's clothings. With a store located in Bluffdale, UT, they have been around since 2003. 

Specializing in Adult and Children's 50's outfits, they have a wide array of clothings such as poodle skirts, saddle oxford shoes, chiffon scarves, cateye glasses and many many more! 

Visit them here:


Know Something About the 50's
Here I am going to give you a quick insight into the fashion trends of the 50's, so you guys get the idea of the 50's style... I did some research into the 50's clothings, and these are probably some of them which I really like~

Poodle Skirts

Crinoline Petticoat
Source: Unique Vintage

Click on the images if you are interested to get one on your own, because I know the colours are really beautiful and vibrant. I found the Crinoline Petticoat very similar to Wedding Dresses..


The Vintage Dresses
When I was young, I always loved wearing my mother's clothings, accessories as well as her over-sized court shoes. And as I grew older, I slowly grew into my mother's clothing and was able to fit them perfectly! 

One of her favourite long skirt, was mine as well. I love how Fashion never dies, because it always comes back after awhile. Remember what happened to Bell-Bottomed Jeans, and how it was revived. Same with the Skinny Jeans and Maxi Skirts... 

Today I want to share with you my favourite Vintage Dress from Hip Hop 50's Shop..

Polka Dotted Tea Dress
Black with White Polka Dot Tea Party Dress
I love polka dot details, as well as the flared skirt - great for those who want's more butt~ Check out the waist, which has a belt to ensure that you do not lose your curves with this flared skirt! (Click the link beneath the dress to see more details of their measurements!)

In order to shield my flabby arms, I selected this sleeved tea party dress, as opposed to the other polka dotted dresses (YES THERE'RE MORE!~). And I love the V-shaped neck line, which is extremely flattering to most body shapes, except for those with very long necks - as it might make your neck seem longer than it already is..


Where Can You Wear it To
This dress is very versatile, it fits the theme for formal events as well as it looks great for casual and fun events as well. 

How about, tea parties? Catch the limelight when your dress stands out from the floral themed tea party, and wow the rest with your beautiful skirt~
Source: NaijaMayor
I believe some of us would have corporate events to attend, and they might have Themed Dinner & Dance which require you go Vintage, 50's~, Polka Dotted.. Put this on to show that you truly know the style of the 50's yo~ 
Source: Meetup.Com
Dinner dates are unavoidable, be it with girlfriends, or with your significant other. How about spice up the evening with this dress! Well, this is definitely not a dress like your Little Black Dress that you would wear often for dinner, but hey... when it is your special anniversary, or when it's your birthday, why not!
Source: Kootation
However, I honestly would not suggest this for working. Although it looks presentable and formal, I find it too exaggerating for a daily work purpose. Others might think of you as being to dramatic or showy.. But then again, not everyone think's the same! 


So... Let me know how you would wear this Polka Dot Tea Party Dress, or which is your favourite vintage dress? Check here for more if you are interested~

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