Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[Special Event]Shopping With Lady Fox

It's been long time since I wanted to do this... and Finally it's time I announce it XD

This page is for people who have once thought about 
I saw your review and love the product but I have NOOOOOO idea where to look!
I heard some online sellers sell fake Korean Product for more profit but there is no official offline cosmetic market to buy 
I wanna visit Korea and go Shopping! But maybe later (when I get free ticket to visit Korea ;P) 
I'm sure some of you may thought of this while reading my post
Sometimes even I find good products and realized there is no international seller
for you guys to enjoy the cosmetics, what a bummer!

So I decided to do a little event!
I want more people to know about Korean Cosmetic and try out good cosmetic products
(I realize stuff that is available internationally online is usually all the big companies)
(There are a lot of good stuff that small companies made!)

I...Lady Fox Myself
I'll go visit official Offline store
and buy the cosmetics you want!
I'll even put up pictures of me actually go shopping!
This blog is dedicated to write review so I'll be putting up pictures on FACEBOOK!
And maybe you can see bits of my life on Facebook TOO! ;)

Here are the rules :
1. You must join the Facebook Page Shopping with Lady Fox Korean Cosmetic Makeup
(This is where you can make sure your stuff is bought!)

2. You must Follow this Blog
(Your interest and encouragement is the reason I could do these events!)

3. Payments are done only by PayPal
(I'll tell you once you e-mail the product you want)

4. Be Active
(This is if you want to be ahead of the game when I do Special Events!)

I'll take your orders in order 
First come first serve! XD

There will be more special event to those who've order cosmetic through me!
So Keep Looking!
Happy Shopping

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