Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Mamonde Pure White 2X Effector Whitening Product! With Large Amount of Moisture!

Original Price / Amount : 28,000 / 50ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email : myteacupstory@gmail.com

This product is Whitening Moisturizer Product
Mamonde Pure White 2X Effector came out this year spring
and have been love for healing dried out skin.
It is always important to have some kind of moisturizer product
this is one of my favorite!
Because it also makes your skin WHITE!

I love how it is made as pumping type
Although when I first bought this I had to pump 3~5 times before something came out
I like the lid is elevated making it easier to use
Very detailed packaging XD Thanx Mamonde!

One of the thing that was cool is the twist inside
This is clear glass and you can see the stuff inside and look how pretty it looks
I really wonder how they make the cream twist inside XD

The first few days the cream comes out like the BIG picture
This is why this product is called Twisted cream
You can see all the twisted white cream!

After a while it turns white like the LITTLE picture
XD Both works on your skin same so don't be surprised when the cream changes

As you can see in the BIG picture
The transparent cream is the essence you use normally everyday
The white cream is the cream that whitens your skin

Essence is made out of extraction from bamboo tree
Bamboo tree keeps your skin healthy with nutrition and moist
Flowers use in this cream will help your skin turn white 
and give a natural beautiful light reflex
Berries inside helps your skin look clean and transparent!

I thought since all the moist it will be liquid-like-texture
But as you can see in the pic it has some cream texture
It feels like skin with a lot of nutrition

It wasn't sticky 
and has very very little oil

Cream on the oil paper for more than 40 minutes and this is all the oil it had

The cream absorbency is so FAST!
you can already see the whitening effect the moment you apply!
When you apply you feel very cool
Not So cool like those cooling products 
but cooler than other whitening or essence cream
When I spread this is feels like some sort of cool water have been splashed on my skin!

Testing on the hand skin

You can see the big change on your skin
Rough skin turns smooth and soft baby skin XD

After good cleaning and drying
Next pic I tried it on the face
The effect is always bit difference on the face

After skin I applied Mamonde Pure White 2X Effector

You can see overall the skin looks healthy and transparent
Whiter and the rough parts have been become smoother
If you skin looks bit damp and maybe dry
This product really change the look
and the way the makeup will look!

I love how this product not only just moisturize your skin
But also whitens and gives light into your skin ;)

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