Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MAC Tropical Taboo - Adored Mineralise Skinfinish

Ello lovelies!
MAC Mineralise Skinfinishes are probably some of the most lusted after items in any their releases. My collection is extremely modest (i only have three now including this one) as i really only use MSF's for highlighter and there are only so many highlighters one girl can use, right? There are five MSF's featured in this collection, two permanent and three limited edition shades. Soft and Gentle is also promoted in this collection too (although permanent) which is my all time favourite highlighter, you can check the review out for that here.
I'm a little bit late on the review bandwagon with these but am happy to say ALL shades are still available on both the MAC and Debenhams websites, so still a chance to get your paws on them.

Adored is described as "Coral with a light beige pearl" which for once i actually agree with the description. Mines a bit more beige than i would of liked meaning even on my fair skin this only works as a highlighter. Being an NW13 (I'm a little darker due to this mysterious UK heatwave currently) i really can't say i could see this working as a blush on any skin tones, its just too light.

It doesn't really have any colour pay off, just gives a sheer corally-beige sheen to the skin, perfect as a highlighter. Its taken me so long to review this because i honestly keep forgetting about it! Its been in my makeup basket for a good few weeks and i just keep reaching for Soft and Gentle, which says it all really.

Priced at £22.50 these aren't the cheapest products but you do get 10g of product, I've been using my other two nearly every day and I'm yet to see a dent so these really will last a long, long time.

I found this an extremely hard product to photograph swatches for, as you can see it is a very sheer colour when blended out and barely shows up on my skin tone. It does however work beautifully as a highlight shade, but it isn't my favourite. Soft and Gentle needs hiding so i can get some good use out of this!

Overall if you're an MSF fan this might be one to check out. But as this is really only viable as a highlighter if you have Soft and Gentle i don't think its a necessity.

You can check Adored and the other four MSF's in this collection out here.


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