Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Food Review: A Trip to Seafood Paradise

Seafood Paradise is one of the most frequent restaurants by my family. We celebrate anyone's birthday here, and even on special occasions such as Mothers' Day, or Fathers' Day etc. Not to mention we are already a member of their Seafood Paradise Group, mwahaha.

Anyway, this time around I managed to snap some pictures before we eat. Usually, we would gobble down our food almost immediately - well that's because they are delicious!

I am not going to do it the TYPICAL review way, but rather simply by sharing with you images so you could drool at your computer while reading this. (yes! *evil grin*).


Salted Egg Prawn
Probably one of my favourite methods of preparing the prawn after cereal prawn is the salted egg prawn. A crispy and salted layer coated around a de-shelled prawn is exactly what you'd get. Sink your teeth into the crispy outer layer and enjoy the sweetness from the fresh and tender prawn meat. Ah, I am not good at describing. 

Sambal Asparagus
You could have your greens prepared in anyway you like, fried with sambal, or garlic, etc. We chose sambal, we love spicy food, and I would say the spiciness level is decent - nothing I can't handle, which means it is only probably at level 3 out of 5? Teehee.. 

Teochew Style Steamed Fish

Being Teochew, which is my dialect, we selected our favourite method of fish preparation.. The traditional steamed fish with soy sauce. After being there a couple of times, sometimes the fish could be overcooked, causing the meat to be tough. So it could depend on your luck, as their standard is not thaaat consistent for fish.

Fried Mantou and Chilli Crab
Last of all, which is the star of the night, Chilli Crab with golden and crispy Fried Mantou! Fried Mantous are basically "steamed" buns that are fried over hot oil, to give a crispy and golden outside but with soft and fluffy insides! Pardon my limited vocabulary for food, I am seriously not a professional connoisseur etc....

If you enjoy spicy food, or you would like to try what Singaporean's love eating, you should try this out. Do not look down on this crab, although we ordered 1 crab, it has claws that are almost as my hand! Also, you'll get fresh, sweet and succulent crab meat! 


For a meal like this, it would probably cost you close to SGD200, but I believe it might not exceed... And I would think that it is worth the time and money to eat here because I really do enjoy their food! For my subsequent trips there, I will also share some more food with you folks! 

If you have gone there, do share with me your views too!

Find out more about the Paradise Group chains of restaurants, as well as their store locations from their official website. (If you're wondering, this is not a sponsored review ;))


I hope you have enjoyed my visual dinner and feel full from it too, bwahaha!

Don't forget to share with me your favourite local dish or delights, because I want to know more about you as well <3

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