Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Share the Love: Junniku, InterestingCornerofMe, LilyNotLouise, GwennyGwen & EverythingAboutBella

Howdy! I have a few wonderful blogs to share with you all! Also, I want to feature Wengie who was the one that brought me about hundreds of new visits to my blog, so here's a special thank you to her (which I have not done so..). 

I first found Wengie's YouTube channel which featured a lot of Korean Pop makeup tutorials - which were to my liking! And I realised she frequents Singapore, and even participated in a contest conducted by Tampines One I believe? That's where I got more intrigued by her.

She's cute, isn't she!
If you enjoy watching Makeup Tutorials, Fashion Styling as well as Real Talks, you can find out more about her by visiting her blog here! Furthermore, the shout out idea was an advise which I took from her blog post quite awhile back. Wengie seriously have some good content going on - she provides advice for increasing blog readership, how to make your face look slimmer, as well as tips on skincare. So be sure to check out!

One of My Favourite Outfits
Recently she has been doing music videos, and her latest one is Ice Cream by Hyuna, which I found her dance ubber cute!! I really loved the floral pants outfit she has. And not forgetting how professional her videos looked. OK, enough of praising, just watch and you'll know..

Now now now, if you have missed out the first post where I introduced a few of the wonderful bloggers, do not forget to visit this page, because I am sure you will find someone new to follow ^^ Click here~


June is really cute! I have actually been following her blog for quite some time, and always posting comments on a regular basis too. She does great Korean cosmetics and beauty product reviews - so if you are into Korean products, check her out! I love how she swatches all makeup products to do a test for the cleansing oil. <3 her, do check her out!

Blog Owner: June
Country: Canada
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle
"A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog! My blog covers anything that I'd like to write about under the blogging sun.

I'm crazy about Korean cosmetics, and am a huge fan of Holika holika, Etude house, The Face Shop, Tonymoly 

and more! Hope I can meet more likeminded people through blogging~ "


Shedding the light of her life in Malaysia, as well as reviewing of products along the way. Reading her blog posts makes me know her a little more, and I really love her ideas of her postcard projects :)

Blog Owner: J-Mei
Country: Malaysia
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle
"My blog is about all the things that i like such as beauty, reading, travel, food and many more. "


I can't express how much I love this girl, if I could sum it all, LILY IS ALWAYS EATINGGG! She's always making me feel hungry, I can vividly recall her trip to the Blue Mountains, eek, feeling hungry already! She does awesome beauty reviews on beauty boxes, as well as her travel trips as well. I love her, and I believe you would too!! <3

Blog Owner: Lily
Country: Australia
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle, Food Munchkins, Travel Logs
"Beauty, food and entertainment! "


Are you interested to know more about Singapore? Gwen is a fellow Singaporean blogger, and she blogs about where you can eat in Singapore, as well as the fun stuff you could do here as well. Follow her as she brings you along with her photos around Singapore! Definitely check her out if you are planning to come to Singapore, so you could learn more about our sunny island ^^

Blog Owner: Gwen Wong
Country: Singapore
Blog Style: Lifestyle and foods
"Hello! I'm a fellow Singaporean who enjoy to blog about beauty and foods, but of course I blog mostly on my everyday life~ "


Honestly speaking, I almost mistaken her for a Korean! Bella does review on plenty of makeup and beauty items! I love how she takes photo of the products with swatches at the back of her hand, as well as on her lips (for example~). 

Blog Owner: Bella
Country: Indonesia
Blog Style: Beauty & Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle, Travel Logs, Random
"Hi! I'm Bella. 21 years old. I blog about almost everything that happens in life including random events, beauty and fashion purchases, nails and outfit of the day, make-up, as well as products reviews! :) "


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