Monday, February 25, 2013

Winter Favourites

Hey lovelies!

I don't do favourite posts too often, I'm a creature of habit and stick to a lot of the same stuff most of the time. But I've been loving a lot of newer products i either haven't reviewed, or spoken about too much, so i thought I'd share these little gems with you!

Macadamia - Healing Oil Treatment
Okay, well i may have spoken about this one before... quite a lot. But thats only because it deserves all my raving about it. I ran out of this over Christmas and i could REALLY notice a difference in my hair... and not the good kind. So thankfully, i have a new one! I picked this up for around £6 online, its not full size but as its an oil i only need to use the tiniest amount. If you have dry or damaged hair, give this little beaut a try!

MAC - Studio Fix Fluid NW10/15
This sat unloved in my collection for quite some time, until i came back off holiday and had a bit more colour in me at the beginning of October (NW15 is too dark for me without any sort of tan). I have been using it non-stop since and I'm happy to have discovered MAC have released NW10 (which is strangely too light for me) and 13, yay for us pale ladies! Its a full coverage foundation with a demi matte finish in my opinion and i just love it! It doesn't emphasise my dry areas and stays put ALL DAY. I've been mixing it with lighter foundations to finish this bottle up, then NW13 will be mine!

MAC - Fix +
Another rediscovery of the last few months. I wasn't overly impressed to start with as i picked this up as a setting spray and i love my UD All Nighter a little too much. But as I'm running low and on a no-buy i started using this up and i was pleasantly suprised! I use it after I've set my foundation with powder, it just helps to make the skin look more natural and less powdery, and its a hell of a lot cheaper than the UD alternative.

Origins - Drink Up Overnight Mask
This has been a saviour in the winter months on my dry skin, i use it most nights as a night cream and will be replacing this tube. For a full review, click here.  

Maybelline - Dream Matte Powder
As you can see, its well loved. Its cheap, its cheerful and it sets my foundation without looking over powdery or heavy. This works so well, i probably wouldn't even bother looking for a new  setting powder any time soon, and thats saying something for a spending addict like me!

YSL - Rouge Pur Couture The Mats 
Probably my favourite matte lipsticks available in the UK. I absolutely adore my Wet 'n' Wild Mega Last lippies, but being from America they are a pain in the bum to buy. YSL released this as part of their winter collection i believe and there are only six shades in the range. I own two and absolutely love them, check out my FOTDs to see them in action. The only downside is the price, at a whopping £23 these YSL bad boys don't come cheap.

MAC - Soft and Gentle
I'm a highlighter whore, and this is my fancy of the moment. I've done a full review on it here.

Laura Mercier - Secret Brightening Powder
Ever look in the mirror hours after doing your makeup and notice you have concealer creased under your eyes? Yes? Then you need this... I'm not too sure what ingredients are in it that make it insanely better than normal loose translucent powders for setting concealer, but its wonderful. It is expensive at around £18 in the UK, but i've been using this EVERY time i apply makeup since October and I'm probably only a third of the way through it, if that. I actually wish i could set my entire face with it.... I'll be reviewing this in full soon as its been requested a few times!

So thats it!

Do you have any Winter favourites?
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