Monday, February 25, 2013

Cathay Decoded Race 2013


The chance has arrived for you!
Cathay Organisation has come up with their very first interactive code-breaking challenge - Cathay Decoded Race 2013!

Cathay decoded was introduced as an online game on Cathay's Lifestyle Facebook Page in 2012, and for this year, Cathay Decoded Race will take place on the streets on 23 March 2013 and send participants racing through Orchard Road in a pursuit for attractive prizes.

In teams of three, race participants will go through checkpoints to checkpoints to break codes via a series of riddles and challenges.

The secret to breaking the code in record time...;) Participants will find it useful to arm themselves with knowledge of business units associated with Cathay Organisation!

So, what are the prizes??

First Prize:
$7000 cash
$800 worth of vouchers

Second Prize:
$3000 cash
$400 worth of vouchers

Third Prize:
$1500 cash
$200 worth of vouchers

All participants who complete the race will get a goodie bag worth $20!

The prizes are sooooo attractive, I'm tempted to join this contest myself!!

Hurry and register now! The race is only limited to 26 teams and registration will close on 10th March or after team quota of 26 teams has reached. GOGOGO! Form teams of 3 and submit your names, contact numbers, NRIC and email addresses to

'Like' Cathay's lifestyle Facebook Page for more details:

Did you know?
At the beginning of World War II in 1942, The Cathay building was converted into a Red Cross Casualty Station. 

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