Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 4 of ASK Cosmetics Skincare Challenge

Upon reading Leslie's initial email (sent in Jan 15th, 2013) I just knew she would be a great candidate for the ASK Cosmetics skincare products.  This is what she wrote, you can see from the before pictures that her hands look terribly rough, dry, chapped and painful.

For the past couple of years my hands have became extremely rough. I believe it started after I had my first son. I started washing my hands more frequently and I guess using off brand/cheap hand wash my hands started cracking and become rough. I have since tried using different brands of hand wash and nothing seems to help. I even have tried different hand lotions to try and get them back smooth. At first the lotion seems to make them smooth but after it dries my hands are back to the way they were.

My hands are so bad they even crack and bleed around my knuckles which are not as bad as the palm of my hand and around my fingers. My two boys and my husband tell me when I touch them that my hands are so rough that it scratches them. Which is a horrible feeling for a mom to not try and touch her children. I still do I just put lotion on my hands real quick and then touch there face or arms.

The biggest challenge is when we go to a store and I have to hold my sons hand to cross the road he refuses because first he thinks he is a big boy and second he always tells me that he doesn't like the way my hands feel. My husband well that is a different story about my hands being rough.

My hands are getting cracks so much they get a little sore at times, if that makes sense, especially when my knuckles start to bleed. When I bend my fingers it gets little sore because as you can see in the pictures that is where the cracks are the worse on my hands. Also, I have a Himalayan cat which I pet all the time. I think I could be her brush because every time I pet her I get a lot of her hair all over my hands. Her hair just sticks to my hands.

I would like to take this challenge because I would love to have my soft hands back. Not only for myself but also for my family to tell me I have soft hands and they would love for me to touch them. Most importantly for myself and not to suffer anymore from crack hands that are so rough and bleed. But also to feel good again about myself. A woman loves to be pamper and this would be my way of pampering myself!

Thank you,  Leslie
A great update (sent in Feb. 24th, 2013) and fantastic results after 4 weeks of applying ASK Cosmetics skincare products.....
Photo taken after 4 weeks for using the products
Hi Lisa,
I have uploaded week fours hand pictures for you to look through. I am just amazed that in four weeks my hands are looking great! I am truly loving these products and I can't wait to share the news to my family and friends about them. I have just had rough hands the past couple of years and now in a few weeks my hands are finally getting back to the way they should be. A big thanks to your company. I will update you in another week.
Thank you,  Leslie
 Week 4's Progress Photos taken and sent in by Leslie
For the "Healthy & Enhancing Skin Care Challenge 2013" sponsored by ASK Cosmetics, all participants were provided with the following products including detailed instructions on how and when to apply them for maximum results:
Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser for gentle cleansing,
Revival Skin Conditioning Milk for moisturization without waxes and silicones,
TIPS for Toes - our secret weapon against cracked, bleeding, painful areas!!  It works like magic.

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