Monday, February 25, 2013

♥ Firmoo ~ Sunglasses ~ Review ♥

A couple of weeks back i was contacted by Firmoo to do a review on a pair of glasses, in my case sunglasses. Well me being a big time hoarder of sunnies i loved the chance to try their glasses. Don't be surprised if i tell you that now with Firmoo i have 5 pair of sunglasses (one all the way from US again). 

Once upon a time wearing glasses was once a necessity but now its evolved more as fashion statement!! Anyday a pair of glasses can change your whole look. Pick sunglasses or just prescribed glasses every Fashion conscious soul owns one pair for sure!! And in my case more than one ^.^

Well, at first glance the Firmoo site can shock you. The prices are surprisingly pretty low and you have a range of Sunglasses and Glasses (prescription ones and non-prescription ones too). With prices low one normally would think there's compromise on quality, well i did think too. But oh-boy!! i love the pair i got, like i seriously love it!! I had pretty good options to choose from on Firmoo but then this one in particular  caught my eye as it looked much stylish than others and simply because i don't have a pair similar to this!! LOL ^.^
I seriously love the combination of black and white frame, it certainly stands out in that huge crowd of other sunglasses and the gradient tint glass is simple superb!! You can see the gradient tint in the following pics, but pls note the pics are enhanced for quality purpose. Everything looks much brighter than usual, including me :D

Well here's the pics ~

Apologies for that glare thing!! Wish sunglasses were anti-glare ^.^

And now, Love to get a pair for yourself?? Firmoo has a program that offers your first pair for free. Just head over to the banner on the right hand side bar and enter your details for your free first pair!! Simple :)

Am all set to Welcome Sunny Days, are you too?? Hurry to Firmoo and get your pair now!!

 ♥ Sangy

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