Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[Hera / Lipstick] Hera Loose Holic Seoul Lip Star

There once a experiment on what effect does lipstick have.

One team had no lipstick the other had this red lipstick on.
Hera had used this to test on a famous model.
Now let's see what Man would think?
The first time people rarely saw the face of the model the avarage amount of time was 1sec
The second time people practically stared at her face, some boys saw her slightly (pretending as if he has no interest....)
This experiment is in Korean however if you wish to watch it click play~

Now the they used Hera Lipstick for this experiment let's see what's so special that gets people to find you lovely when you apply it.

The colors of this Hera lipsstick Seoul lipstar has verious of colors.

Price / Amount : 32,000won / 3.5g
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

I've decided to test out number 103
It's more of a spring color but I loved the color so much

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