Tuesday, February 5, 2013

♥ Creamstone ~ Ferrero Rocher Icecream ♥

Few days back i have been to Creamstone, an exclusive Icecream outlet which you pretty much see overcrowded anytime during the day. Being in the center of Shopping hub i assumed its crowded always. But when i heard their icecreams are fingerlicking good, i had to try!! Before i tell you what i had, here's some pics ~

That's the entrance (clicked from inside) ~

Chocolates, Candies, Candy sticks used in deco too.... creative na?

Some yummy toppings ~

My Icecream in making ~

And here is, Ferrero Rocher Icecream ~

He literally took 3 scoops of chocolate icecream (am sure it was dark chocolate icecream...belgian maybe??) and added some chocolate syrup, crushed few Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and started mixing in a chopping sort of way. The base you can see it set to freezing temp, so the icecream stays put in its chilled form and doesn't melt away. We requested for some roasted almonds (yes we can get any extra topping given) which definitely made the Icecream worth the taste and money spent. It made the icecream very rich and really yummy too. For around 200 INR with extra topping, we had this fingerlicking icecream for two. Am not a big eater, so few spoons i was done while my Dear H relished it to every lick ;)
This one icecream is a must try, especially if you are a Ferrero Rocher lover.....

There are so many more i want to try here, what about you???

Pics ~ Creamstone @ Himayatnagar, Hyderabad

So have you been to Creamstone yet?? Whats your favorite icecream?

♥ Sangy

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