Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nail of the Day

The last nail of the day has been quite awhile ago? Today I will share with you my favourite style of my nails - gradient nails

Step 1: Apply a base coat

Step 2: Pick a pink and sheer nail polish to create that gradient effect.

Step 3: Apply it to 3/4 of your nails, leaving the nails nearest the cuticle to be free of colour.

Step 4: Reapply the pink to only 1/2 of your nails. Make sure all layers of nail polish are thin, and not too thick (otherwise it will take forever to dry...)

Step 5: Apply only to the tips of your fingers, and you should get something like this...

Step 6: Using your favourite glitter nail polish, apply beginning from the tip this time around

Step 7: Reapply the glitter, only until halfway into the nails, and create thin wispy stripes near the center of the nails - this is to blur the line between the colour and glitter.

Once you are satisfied, apply your favourite top coat and you're done!

I really love this, and I took about half an hour to be done with the whole set? I smudged a little, but reapplying a tiny bit of glitter solves the problem! ^^

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