Monday, February 25, 2013

[Lady Fox / Top K pop Star] Top Popoular K pop Singeer: IU

Cute, Beautiful and a Heavenly Voice is IU best and greatest skills.
She is one of the voice that reach notes up so high! I forgot the professional word they use to those who actually reach notes that's over the end of the piano. I know very few pop stars who can ever reach so high.

Songs of hers that shows this skills is Good Day. Actually most of her song is already begins with a higher notes and some parts of the song she reach way to high, I have to scream in karaoke (and I feel I get better scores this way.)

This is IU's official YouTube Channel -> Here

This is her profile:
IU (Lee Ji Eun) Singer
DOB : May 16th, 1993 (So Young!)
Gender Female
Real Name : Lee Ji Eun
Constellation : Taurus
Group : Sole, Loen Entertainment
Height: 161.8cm 5.3Ft (Cute!) 
Weight : 44kg 97lb (Seriously?)
Blood Type A
Debut : 2008 with Minny- album [Lost and Found]
Hobbies : Reading
Skills : Plays the Guitar, and singing
Nickname: Singing Alias(Pronounced: Jac Ji), Eunjieun
Favorited Food of all times : Mattang and Sushi
This is her First Song and First Music Video (She didn't got much attention until her second album however it's fun to watch her first stage)┒
With Lyrics and English Sub
(Can't believe she was only 16 when she did this) ┒      

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