Thursday, February 7, 2013

Healthy & Enhancing Skin Care Challenge in on!

In January ASK Cosmetics Inc. of Canada reached out to all those who suffer from very dry, irritated skin offering them a chance to become a participant in the first skin care challenge.  They were sent an assortment of skin care products sponsored by ASK Cosmetics and were provided with detailed instructions on how to apply these items for maximum benefits.
Today I would like to share the first impressions after one week of applications sent to me by two participants:  Leslie and Jackie.
Leslie's Story.....
Before photos of Leslie's right hand - dry, chapped, irritated and very painful with some bleeding
Leslie's First Progress Report reads:
Hi Lisa,
I have attached a few pictures of my hands. I now have been using the products for 6 days and I can tell a difference in them.
First, my hands are not as rough as they used to be. I love the way the lotion makes my hands feel like silk after I use the product. Also, the silk feeling I think seems to last longer than using regular hand lotion.
Secondly, my knuckles have stopped bleeding. Now my hands around my fingers are still dried out and rough but nowhere near what they were a week ago.
I can't wait to see how the products continue to change the appearance of my hands. I will send you another update and pictures in another week. Also, can you use these products on your face? My face does get dry in the winter months and it's hard to keep it from drying out.
Thank you,

After 6 days of applying the skin care products by ASK Cosmetics Inc.
Jackie's Story.....
Before picture taken and sent in January 2013
Jackie's First Progress Report reads like this:
I've been using the products as instructed since January 31. Below are some pictures I've taken. You can visibly see that I have a split in my skin on the left side of my thumb. I also have a less severe split on my finger. I started using the TIPS for Toes on the splits several times a day and at night before bed and I have to tell you that it is remarkable. Although it doesn't have any numbing agents, the splits instantly stop hurting the moment I apply it. It absorbs quickly enough for me to apply the lotion after.
The soap leaves my hands feeling clean without over drying them. 
Now for the lotion. It is the only lotion I have ever used that thoroughly moisturizes without feeling greasy. The lotion actually absorbs completely. My hands have never been this soft and healthy in the winter. For as long as I can remember, my hands have suffered dry, cracked, painful winters. I have tried countless creams, lotions, even oils with little or no results. At night I would cover my hands in aquafor or Vaseline and sleep wearing gloves just to try to heal them for the following day. But it never failed, by night my hands were dry, cracked and painful again. Since using the Revival system, I have noticed a drastic difference. At night my hands are not dry. They keep the moisture without the grease!
I will continue the updates and keep taking pictures.
Thank you,
After 1 week of using the Revival Skin Care System by ASK Cosmetics.
All participants in the Healthy & Enhancing Skin Care Challenge were provided with 3 important items:

Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser for the mildest hand washing possible (for more details on this product click here:  Best tips for washing your hands the gentle, healthy way);
Revival Skin Conditioning Milk for soothing nourishment for their skin without the unhealthy, unnatural waxes and silicones (for more info on this product click here:  ASK Cosmetics Skin Care - to the rescue!);
 Last but not least participants were given a bottle of TIPS for Toes with the instructions to apply a bit to all the severly cracking, dried out areas of their hands.  People are sceptical when I tell them to do this, but it works wonders!!
ASK Cosmetics offers "travel size" bottles of the Revival Skin Conditioning Milk and the Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser so you won't have to leave home without it.  The bottles are very convenient to take along in your purse.
All ASK Cosmetics products are available:  on their website/webshop, The Shopping Channel in Canada, QVC in the USA or by calling toll-free 1-877-275-5566 to place an order.
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