Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Linda's Nail Transformation using TIPS Nail Conditioner

Bare Naked Nail Challenge sponsored by ASK Cosmetics Inc.

Week 0 - Photo taken Jan. 8th, 2012.

By the picture you can see that my nails are in rough shape. I recently trimmed them as I had a couple break back at work. I would like to be able to grow them longer but have them strong enough to endure the kind of work I have to do in retail. By getting on a regular routine/schedule with T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner I know this is possible. Looking forward to the challenge. Thanks for the opportunity.

Week 1 - Photo taken Feb. 10th, 2012.
I can start to see the progress especially around the cuticle area.  They feel moisturized and my hangnails are becoming fewer.  My nails seem to withstand the wear and tear they get at my job.  Will keep you posted.

Week 2 - Photo taken Feb. 17th, 2012.
A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes.  My nails are growing well and they feel great.  I continue to notice the soft, hydrated cuticles I have now thanks to TIPS Nail Conditioner.

Week 3 - Photo taken Feb. 27th, 2012.
Week 4 - Photo taken March 6th, 2012.

Week 5 - Photo taken March 13th, 2012.
Week 6 - Photos taken March 28th, 2012.
Here is an update on my nails.
I am really liking the fact that my nails seem to grow faster. They are unbelievably whiter and stronger. The tops of my nails are so smooth which I think is a good indication of the TIPS product (use of the Revival Skin Milk included) making them not so dry and so nice to apply polish on them. Having said this I do have to trim my nails more often but love using the file. Hope this encourages my “TIPS Family” to keep using this amazing product.

Week 7 - Photos taken April 3rd, 2012.
Here is my weekly updated picture.
As you can see my nails are very white & have grown very fast from my last picture taken just 1 week ago.  I am extremely pleased with your product and I know that it works. Consistency and patience really pays off.,,I am going to trim my nails as I find them too long for my liking so my next picture will look different as far as length goes, but I am confident my cuticles will remain the same.  Thank you for letting me share my progress.

Week 8 - Photo taken April 19th, 2012.
I have been faithfully using ASK Cosmetics products - TIPS Nail Conditioner on my finger nails since Feb. 10th, 2012.  I have found the product to be extremely successful on my cuticles & nails. My cuticles are in great shape. The surface of my nails is soft, yet the nails are strong & whiter. I found my nails growing faster also as I have had to trim them more often to a length I was comfortable with.  I plan to continue using this product.
Thank you for the opportunity for me to do so.




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