Friday, February 8, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blog / Mamonde] Mamonde Extra Mositure Package Part 3 Cream

Mamonde Extra Mositure Package contains Skin toner & Emulsion & Cream

Price / Amount : 17,000 / 50ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

This might give off a buttery feeling but it's quiet light. Maybe Normal skin types wouldn't like this product while the dry / sensitive skin types girls will Love it.

This whole Mamonde Extr Moisture Package is for the dry / sensitive so if you are more of natural ingredience type, this you will love.

This product is thick so no flowling downwards. You may worry that it wouldn't smooth out much but suprisingly it smooth out over you skin well. Very Light too.

Hope you enjoyed Mamonde Extra Mositure Package

To all my readers,

It's been almost 8 months since I started my tiny blog. Never have I thought my tiny blog would gain so many comments and have this many followers.
All of your comments is always a joy and blessing to me.

As time goes by I saw one big problem of my blog, many of you saw my reviews and wanted to try Korean Cosmetic however I understand it is not easy to buy Korean Cosmetic overseas.
This has been my biggest concern and spent many times thinking of a solution.
After a long planning I made up a small event for my beloved readers whom always have been encouraging and loving towards me and my posts
When ever I buy cosmetic (and I buy a lot) I I wish to buy products that my readers wishes to get.
I understand that because it's international shipping the cost may feel high to some people.
I try my best to keep the shipping fee as low as possible. With tracking number fee for the safety of the mail and the product inside.

I'm  so happy that I found a way to express my thankfulness to all my readers through this event!
Again, I'm so thankful to everyone who read my post even though my writing is poor and reviews seem immature
I just always try to make my blog a place you can have fun and just enjoy yourselves.
I will be uploading reviews and do my best upgrading it to a higher level. Please look forward for my future reviews I dearly hope you'll find them interesting and fun!
I pray for good health and happiness to be with you always.

With Love
Lady Fox

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