Thursday, February 7, 2013

Darling Girl - Skin Quenchers

Ello lovelies!

Darling Girl Skin Quenchers are probably my favourite body care discovery, ever... and thats really saying something! I first discovered these last year when i ordered Black Raspberry Vanilla on a whim with one of my orders and I'm so glad i did! I'm now on my second bottle and i ordered a few more scents to play around with too! 

Skin Quenchers are a dry oil spray and they smell absolutely beautiful. I'm a big fan of dry oil and love Elemis Frangipani, but not only is it hideously expensive, its also a pain in the bum to use as you have to warm it up first. Skin Quenchers come in a spray bottle so they are easy peasy to apply. Whats lovely about them is that they aren't greasy and sink into the skin pretty quickly, so they are easy to apply in a rush in the morning. I love to apply them after a long bath. They also leave a slight scent to the skin, which i really love.

I'm terrible for remembering to use body butters, so these little beauties are incredibly handy for me. I suffer with extremely dry legs, to the point that when they are at their worst a lot of body butters will sting and leave my legs sore. Skin Quenchers are the only thing i have found that solves this issue, they also work brilliantly on dry elbows too! My absolute favourite scent is Black Raspberry Vanilla, it smells divine!

Basically, I'm head over heals for these little gems and will continue to repurchase them for as long as Darling Girl makes them. Priced at $6.25 they are a fraction of the price of higher end body oils and in my opinion, work a hell of a lot better. I'd wholeheartedly recommend checking these out, or some of the other amazing products Darling Girl stocks!

You can find these and the rest of the Darling Girl product range here.

I'd also just like to add, although this is a rave review i am in no way affiliated with the company, i just really love their products. :)

Whats your favourite dry oil? 


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