Saturday, February 16, 2013

♥ La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo ♥

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
I have heard about this one alot from Lily Melrose of LLYMLRS. Since then i have been trying hard to get it. And to my luck found this on MedplusBeauty. Not sure of its availability now but i got a hold of this one to try!!
I never had a problematic skin that i had to worry like crazy and look for something miraculous product like this. But i have been trying out lot of products lately (me bad!!) and something didn't click well. Skin turned oily and started breaking out. It really freaked me out to see it go bonkers so much and i tried my best with other things like Acne Cream, Blood Purifying Syrup (Safi) and every other possible thing i can imagine!! It helped a little but break outs were rather too much to even show the results. Having a clear skin was suddenly far sighted!! To top it oily skins are highly prone to dullness and that made me too sad lately!! So when i found this on MedplusBeauty i didn't een think twice!
The moment i got La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo i had to try. Its been like 4-5 days now and i have been using it twice a day with No other product!!
Believe me if i say its a Magic Potion!! It cleared my skin like magic and skin looks far far better than just good! No signs of freaking oiliness and dullness. Skin is much brighter, looks even toned and no signs of breakout!! Though couple of reviews say its kinda drying, i haven't found any such!! Instead i haven't used a moisturizer at all.
Used this one as makeup base and jumped straight to foundation or BB cream always. Seriously worth the money!
Am crazily in love with this one and i am more than happy to shell out 995 INR (i guess) to get this!!

Its a great product for anyone who has been fighting Oily Skin, Problematic Skin, Break outs etc etc...

Have you ever tried any product from La Roche Posay?? Am so looking forward to try their other products :)

♥ Sangy

P.s ~ This product is bought by me and am no where associated with the brand. If using this product, do so at your own free will. 

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