Saturday, February 9, 2013

[Korea Traveling Guild] Gangnam Style? Where's the Heck is Gangnam?

These days it is all about Gangnam Style, Funny Music Video and Psy's funny dance not only gave joy to people around the world but also addiction. hehe.

This is the PSY's Gangnam Style if you haven't watched it yet

I'm not a big fan of this type of music(I'm more of classic lover) but I'll say the music video is hillarious!

Anyways Today I'll intorduce you to Gangnam.

Gangnam is the place of youth, all the fashion trend, best food, best service(More Money you have You can experience because its also the place where all the rich people make money and spend it), best partying places, etc, basically anything that's "HOT". Because of such reputation anything here is expensive.

To get to the place where Gangnam most populated place (well rest of the Gangnam is all residential area) go to Gangnam Station (if you don't know how to use Korean subway here's a post I put up) It doesn't matter which gate you come out because each gate is the edge of the Gangnam Center. (It's not very long and you have to roam around narrow streets but You'll enjoy the City lifestyle of Gangnam


NOTE: If you are in Gangnam you can know for sure if you can see straight upwards black long blocks side along the wide road. If you go towards it you can take a picture and send it to your phone. I don't know if you can see it in this picture but it's the white long light.
Since it's the place of trend, you cannot miss shopping!
Also go watch a movie or two or maybe go out for dinner!
If you want visit the clubs there are best clubs in Gangnam!

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