Thursday, February 14, 2013

Harlem Shake?!

Introducing my lepak kakis...

Good thing we are all westies so we get to meet up often! :D

We went to Jian Hao's place yesterday, supposedly to film a preplanned video but after that... we made an impromptu decision to film...


I have completely no idea what the heck that is at first.
Apparently it's like the new trend. Some people said it's the new gangnam style since a lot of people are making 'parodies' of it.
Anyway, the video goes like this. At the first 15 secs, only one person will be dancing, after that, a whole bunch of people comes out and do some crazy shits together.

So I present to you, Harlem Shake by Bancho, Jian Hao and ahem, Pei Shi.

Version 1: Swimming pool

Version 2: Swing


Sooooooo, after that, we got to Tiong Bahru Plaza's Eighteen Chef for dinner because Bancho recommended it.

Didn't like the lemon tea but Cream of Tomato was good! 
I got the Dory fish. Costs $16.60 in total! :D


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