Friday, February 8, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blog / Etude House] Etude House Sweet Recipe Icecream Nails

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice cream Nails

Who Loves Chocolet! Who love Ice cream! Who Loves Candy!
Well will you love you nails as well if Chocolet, Ice cream and Candy is all on it?

Sorry about that, just a little joke, any ways today I'll introduce you to a nail polish that is sweet as chocolate sounds.

There are two types

Candy Drop Mint Chocochip and Sparkle Sparkle Strawberry Star Candy

It's kind of smaller than normal sized nail polish.
But I LOVE the package. I'm ready to hold it upside down and give it a lick

If you take a closer look you can see their are other colors of Glitters other than just black There are green and Pink if you look close enough

This one doesn't only have giltters of colors but small stars if you look close enough. I have a feeling this could be my top favorite nail polish.

What I love the most about this nail polish is that when ever you apply it's different every time.
Also gives a feeling that I've gone to a nail shop and payed them for this nail when actually it is done at home.

I hope more of these come out so that I wouldn't have to pay so much for nails.

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