Thursday, February 14, 2013

[Korean Makeup Blog / The Face Shop] The Face Shop MangoSeed Corneous Clear Smoother

After face wash you take some cotton and use this to wipe all over your face.
This will clear out all the left out waste and Corneaous.

Just like the name the indigrements has alot of natural stuff. We all ove natural don't we?
There is alot of fruits that has great ability of wiping out your dead skin cells and Mango seed helps your clean new skin smooth and not irritated.

At the back you can see the test this product passed.
So it's safe to crazy sensitive skins.

It's pumping type the moment you pump out the liquid you can smell all the mango.
It's very watery and very light toner.

It's more of wash off type of product so instead of trying to get your skin to absorbe it use cotton and pump out little amount and wipe your face.

You'll find out after use your makeup seem to work better I think this is because it also help your skin to smooth out.

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